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Understand YOUR TRUE Personality OR Choose RIGHT People, Know LOYALTY Level OR Read And CONVINCE Anyone in Just 30 SECONDS By Just Seeing Their Face OR Photo

Learn Proven Ways of Face Reading

Without Any Experience, In A Simple & Scientific Way!!


(Your Questions Will Also Be
Answered After 2 HRS Workshop)

7th April (Friday): 7:00 to 9:00 PM


20th April (Thursday): 7:00 to 9:00 PM


Last Few Seats Left!!

Offer Price – Rs. 99 ONLY

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100% Money Back Guarantee


What You’ll Get in This Workshop:

Plus One FREE eBook

"Besides FACE READING, You will also see how by just doing little changes in your SIGNATURE, you can improve your financial & family situation."


This ONE skill of Face Reading is sufficient to EXPONENTIALLY GROW your self confidence, communication skill, convincing power, relationships, public dealing skill, sales, income and overall abundance in addition to SAVING you from wrong people!!

“BEST thing is ANYONE can learn simple techniques of Face Reading WITHOUT any experience or prior knowledge”

Just Imagine For A Moment..

By seeing a person in front of you or in an image, you can exactly know his/her true character, motive, stamina, reliability factor, sexual appetite, compatibility, loyalty quotient, bad habits, financial condition, weaknesses, strengths AND EVERYTHING you want to know!!


26th May(Sunday)- 7:00 to 9:00 PM


30th May(Thursday)- 7:00 to 9:00 PM



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What You’ll Get in This Workshop:

2 Ways to Know LOYALTY Level of Any Person by Seeing His/Her Face

3 SECRETS of Finding Right Partners Through Face Reading

How to Use Face Reading to CONVINCE ANYONE Quickly

How Your Signature Can Change Your Life

How Face REFLECTS Health Problems With Live Examples

Opportunity to Get Your Face Reading Done

MONEY BAGS On Face For Good Financial Life

Basics of Handwriting Analysis

Free eBook

Do You Know??

95% Personality Traits Can Be Read Through Face Reading And People Who Know Face Reading Have 10 Times More Convincing Power Than A Normal Person.

Become the “Soul of Any Party”

People are always eager to have their faces read by some face reader. If you know face reading you will become the people’s magnet or the ‘soul of any party’.

Now, It’s Your Time to Take Action.. No Experience Required!!

30th May, Thursday 7:00 to 9:00 PM

4.9/5 Star Rated

Action Oriented

2 Hours Workshop

Pro Simple Methods

Who Must Attend This Workshop:

India's Leading
Face Reading Coach

Gaurav Dwivedi a.k.a. Coach GD, Banker turned Face Reading Coach & Graphologist. Being a spiritually grounded and action oriented person, he has used the skill of Face Reading and Graphology to help people overcome money, health, and relationship problems. He is living his passion of helping people live a fulfilling, abundant, and fearless life. He is the founder of the Act of Miracle Community. He has been featured in various national and international magazines and won many prestigious awards. He is considered India’s leading Face Reading coach.

Frequently Asked Question

This workshop will be organized on zoom. You’ll get the zoom Link on Workshop Updates what’s app group.
No recording, no replays!!
This will be a live Workshop
Keep notebook & pen handy with open coachable mind.
If you miss this workshop you just need mail us to and we will schedule you to the next workshop

It is your LAST CHANCE to witness LIVE FACE READING..

Don’t think too much..

just do it!! I ensure you power pact and great value adding MASTERCLASS. No B.S! No Fluff!!

What Is Stopping You To Learn World’s Most Powerful Skill??

You don’t think a this workshop is going to change your life. It’s true it won’t. But it will give you a system to track your time and make personalized plans for your life. Every single concept you learn inside the workshop has been personally used by me for the past 10 years of my life. Trust me it works!
There are too many Webinars out there. What makes this workshop worth the time and money? Try the practical exercises that you’ll learn inside this workshop and see the results in your life.
Information overload is wearing you down. You think there is so much information on YouTube, you don’t need another workshop that teaches the same things that are free on the internet. The stuff on the internet doesn’t teach you the “how-to” or isn’t actionable(even not structured). If they worked, you wouldn’t be here.
You don’t trust yourself to follow any plans or any system. You think you are lazy and too busy to follow the steps in this workshop. If you are reading this you can do it. You are not perfect and neither is anyone else. You just need to pay attention in the workshop and follow the simple steps.
Perfectionism is paralyzing your progress. You try to set plans for every minute of your life. You try to micro plan and get disturbed when your plan doesn’t work. That’s because your plan is not suitable for you. You need an adaptable plan that changes with change in your day and month. To keep you productive on all days. Because only Change is Constant.

It’s Now or Never chance for you!!

“Face Reading- 2 Hour Live Workshop”

30th May, Thursday 7 to 9 PM

Rs. 99 Rs. 399

Offer Ends On: May 26, 2024

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